Math 6


For Math 6 we use computer management systems (cms) to support, monitor, and extend the curriculum. This message is about the system students named "ScanMath" (it gets a different name each year) but the corporate name is Accelerated Math from Renaissance Learning Inc. There is little, if anything, accelerated or renaissance about it, but the company has a copyright on the names. Sometimes I refer to it as RenMath; Accelerated Math gives the wrong impression imho.

Nonetheless, it is a useful system and it contributes up to 350 marks to your child's quarter score.

The system is based on lists (called libraries) of math skills (called objectives.) The libraries claim to cover the typical topics from early numeracy (pre-K) through calculus. I can support their claims through basic algebra; I just have not looked further into it.

The system allows me to tailor the library used in any class and to have different libraries for subsections of a class. I have arranged a library for Math 6 aligned with CCSS+ and tied it to the Singapore Maths textbook along with extensions.

Objectives are assigned to the student after instruction or conference. The system creates practice problems for each student in multiple choice format. The student enters their answers through a "bubble card" scanner, or online, and a score report (called a TOPS report) with the results of their work is printed out within seconds.

The student is to staple this report to the top of the Practice worksheet and give it to me for review. There is a lot of information on this TOPS report to monitor and help guide student progress.

Yes. You can get this information online. But first, let's walk through how an end user might proceed:

Go to HomeConnect You should see this:

home connect login

Login with the student's school credentials but BEWARE! DO NOT click the default tab. Go to the Accelerated Math tab.


Which goes to this page. There are a few paths from here, but for now, choose the Work Online.


Where you can click on Start and get to work!


Before starting one can get some reminder about how to handle the objectives that will be on the on Help with Subskills



...and clicking on the plus sign will offer some resources to clear up questions. Not all of these resources are available for every objective, but there is a large amount of help available this way.


Even once the practice is started you can get help references.



Hopefully this is enough to get you started. There is a lot more available through HomeConnect so feel free to browse around.