We, whose names are hereto subscribed, being persons of lawful age, do by the Articles of Agreement, associate ourselves with the intention of forming a voluntary corporation according to the provisions of Chapter 292 of the Revised Statutes Annotated of the State of New Hampshire, and the acts in amendment thereof and in addition thereto.

Article One--Name and Principal Location

The name of this association shall be the Hanover Education Association, a corporation principally located in the town of Hanover, New Hampshire (c/o Hanover High School, 41 Lebanon St., Hanover, NH 03755).

Article Two--Purpose

The objects for which the corporation is established and the nature of business to be transacted it and the powers with which it shall be endowed are as follows:

Article Three--Membership

Article Four--Officers and Election of Officers

Article Five--Executive Board.

Article Six--Departments and Sections

Article Seven--Affiliation

The Association shall affiliate with the National Education Association and the NEA-New Hampshire.

Article Eight--Amendments

The membership may adopt amendments to the Constitution by a two-thirds majority of a quorum at any regular or special meeting providing these amendments have been introduced in writing and that copies of proposed amendments have been distributed to the members for discussion at least one school week prior to the day of the vote.

Article Nine--Meetings

A majority of the committee members shall be a quorum for the committees. A majority of the members shall be a quorum for the Executive Board. A quorum at a general meeting shall consist of those members present.

Article Eleven--Power of Officers

A. The officers shall serve for one year and shall be permitted to serve no more than two consecutive terms, except for the treasurer.

B. Whenever the offices of both president and vice-president shall become vacant between elections, except as provided in Article Five, Section Three of the Constitution, the remaining members of the Executive Board shall choose one of their members to serve as president protempore until the vacancy can be filled at a general meeting.

Article Twelve--Power of the Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be responsible for the management of the Association, approve all expenditures, carry out policies of the Association, report its transactions to the members, and suggest policies for the members to consider.

Article Thirteen--Power of the Membership

A majority of a quorum at a general meeting shall be necessary to pass any resolution brought forward by a committee and intended to be binding on the membership. A majority of a quorum at a general meeting may call for a poll of the membership to determine the Association sentiment on a particular issue. Such a poll shall constitute a vote binding on the entire membership.

Article Fourteen--Standing Committees

A. PERSONNEL AND POLICY COMMITTEE shall explore and prepare action programs as necessary in all areas of teacher welfare including salaries, leaves, fringe benefits, insurance, credit and investment facilities, personnel policies, procedures for the redress of grievances, and general concerns for the well-being of educators.

B. COMMITTEE ON MEMBERSHIP shall organize and oversee the following: 1. Membership and Professional Information--to organize and conduct unified local, state, and national membership enrollment, and to inform the membership of the significant policies, programs, and accomplishments of all associations. 2. Orientation--to develop and conduct programs for the orientation of new teachers to the school system, the community, and the Association.

C. COMMITTEE ON SOCIAL AFFAIRS shall organize such social activities as may serve the needs of members and promote fellowship within the Association.

D. COMMITTEE ON CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY shall have broad concern for local, state, and national legislation affecting the interests of the Association and for exercise of civic responsibilities by members. The committee shall be diligent to inform members about pending and newly enacted legislation.

Article Fifteen--Special Committees

Each year the president shall appoint an Election Committee, an Audit Committee, a Budget Committee, and such other special committees as may be necessary and shall discharge them on completion of their duties. These committees shall operate according to the rules approved by the membership and/or the Executive Board. No officer of the Association shall serve on either the Elections Committee or the Audit Committee.

Article Sixteen--Incorporation

Those persons signing these Articles of Agreement as incorporators shall be the initial members of the corporation. The first meeting of the member of the corporation shall be held at Hanover High School auditorium, at 3:30 on February 2, 1988, at which meeting or any adjournment thereof, the incorporators shall elect the directors and officers of the corporation, adopt bylaws, and transact such other business as may properly come before that meeting. The undersigned waive all notice of such meeting.

Article Seventeen--Amendments

Except as otherwise provided by law, these Articles of Agreement may be amended from time to time by the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the corporation present and voting at a meeting duly called for the purpose, merge or consolidate with or into any corporation so long as the surviving corporation is organized and operated so as to qualify under Section 501(c)(3) or Section 501(c)(5) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Nothwithstanding the foregoing, Article Three, Section Three, shall not be amended nor shall any merger or consolidation be entered into except with the express consent of the NEW-New Hampshire.

Article Eighteen--Signatures and Addresses

Signature and post office address of each of the persons associating together to form the corporation:

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